• View of Norris Lake Tennessee from grass shore lake front home on cloudy day

    Life By Norris Lake Tennessee

    Are you in search of a lake home? Norris Lake is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, making it the clearest lake in Tennessee. Surrounded by the breathtaking Smokey Mountains, Norris Lake offers over 800 miles [...]
  • fort loudoun lake lakefront home on water
    Fort Loudoun Lake

    Life by Fort Loudoun Lake

    Fort Loudoun Lake is located in the foothills of East Tennessee, right next to many Knoxville neighborhoods. Fort Loudoun Lake provides endless recreational activities for residents including fishing, water sports, and enjoying lakeside parks all [...]
  • view of tellico lake from drone on sunny day

    Life By Tellico Lake

    Life By Tellico Lake Enjoy breathtaking views of the Great Smoky Mountains at Tellico Lake, where 75% of the land around the lake is safeguarded by the Tennessee Valley Authority, ensuring a tranquil outdoor experience. [...]
  • Looking up stream on Melton Hill Lake near Oak Ridge on sunny day

    Life by Melton Hill Lake

    Melton Hill Lake is an excellent location for owning a lakefront property. One of the most attractive features of this lake is its vast size, with a shoreline that extends for over 170 miles. Whether [...]
  • watts bar lake

    Life by Watts Bar Lake Tennessee

    Watts Bar Lake is located in the beautiful Tennessee River Valley, spanning across Roane, Meigs, Rhea, and Loudon counties. With its vast expanse, this reservoir covers an impressive 39,000 acres and boasts over 780 miles [...]

The Lakes of East Tennessee

The lakes and rivers surrounding Knoxville are famously known as "The Great Lakes of the South." These natural wonders, which include the Tennessee River, Clinch River, Holston River, French Broad River, and Little Tennessee River, contribute to the picturesque landscape of the valley. The TVA lakes, like Fort Loudoun Lake, Tellico Lake, Watts Bar Lake, Melton Hill Lake, Cherokee Lake, Norris Lake, and Douglas Lake, boast a combined shoreline of 3,700 miles.

Lake Home Communities

Camping At The Lake

Lake Marinas and Docks