Melton Hill Lake Marina

With over 5 square miles of pristine lake, Melton Hill Lake provides the ideal setting for fishing, kayaking, and swimming. The calm and clear waters make it an ideal spot for novice anglers, while the […]

Watts Bar Marinas and Boat Docks

Watts Bar Lake is a popular destination for boating and fishing enthusiasts in Tennessee. The lake is surrounded by beautiful scenery and offers a variety of recreational activities. One of the main draws for visitors […]

Fort Loudoun Lake Marinas and Boat Docks

Fort Loudoun stretches 360 miles of shorelines from Maryville Tennessee all the way past downtown Knoxville. The Lake provides endless recreational activities for residents including fishing, water sports, and enjoying lakeside parks all year round. […]

Norris Lake Marinas and Boat Docks

Norris Lake is famous for its crystal-clear waters and offers over 800 miles of shoreline to discover. Norris Lake in Tennessee is encircled by the breathtaking Smokey Mountains. Check out the list of marinas and boat […]

Cherokee Lake Marinas and Boat Docks

Cherokee Lake is surrounded by rolling pastures and farmlands and is located about 30 miles east of Knoxville. Cherokee Lake is one of the largest lakes in the state of Tennessee. Here is a list of […]

Douglas Lake Marinas and Boat Docks

If you’re looking for a fishing spot that won’t disappoint, head to Douglas Lake. From February to March, you can expect to catch Sauger near the Hwy 25 bridge and upstream. Largemouth Bass are abundant […]